COVID – 19 Important Links from Ottawa Construction Association

Dealing with COVID-19

Ottawa Public Health – Click HERE – Share this website with your employees!

Ontario Ministry of Health Novel Coronavirus – Click HERE

Federal Government Coronavirus website – Click HERE

For Employers – Each employer should be regularly communicating with your employees to ensure they are well informed on Coronavirus. To assist you in drafting your communication the followng resources below are suggested:

  • Employer Template by Emond Harnden – WORD format – Click HERE
  • Ottawa Public Health information page for Employers – Click HERE.
  • IHSA has published a new safety talk addressing Covid-19.. Go to IHSA website at this LINK to download.

The Ottawa Public Health web site for employers has recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 such as:

  1. Posting SIGNAGE to alert workers of any signs & sysmptoms of acute respiratory illness
  2. Display POSTERS promoting hand-washing and respiratory hygience. Click HERE for mulitple poster options.
  3. Ensure tissues and alcohol-based hand rubs are available

Jobsite Measures – OCA has created a proposed protocol for prime contractors to adopt with respect to site access (screening, data collection) and on-site protection measures (individual hygience, job site cleaning, social distancing). Just like adopting best practices for contracts and tendering OCA promotes the protocol to all contractors to adopt so it becomes the standard across the industry. To download the WORD document – CLICK HERE.

LEGAL – Contractual Related – The subjects of Force Majeure and frustration of contract is coming up in alot of conversations due to the growing impact of Covid-19 on construction. To give readers some insight to the subjects we asked Board member Dan Leduc of Norton Rose Fulbright to educate and advise us. To download the 2 page article CLICK HERE.

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